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About Us

                                                                         About Us

Steroids Lab

Steroids Lab is one of the leading factory in China, that wish to bring a differenttype of Anabolic Steroids themed website to the forefront of the online Anabolic Steroids community.

Our Objectives

Our main focus will be around Steroids and the many Anabolic families of products. We will also try to cover as many Bodybuilding and Athletic events and stories as possible. With an eye on the Bodybuilding Supplements community also. For their vital input.

Company Profile

was founded in the Peoples Republic of China in May 2004. From the offset the company set its goals on building aworld class bio-pharmaceutical research and development production facility. To achieve its goals the company

introduced state of the art bio-pharmaceutical production equipment and it took less than a year to complete the

entire necessary infrastructure needed to start its operations. The company obtained its GMP certificate from the SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration Bureau) and began its research and development process and started its highly automated and efficient production facility.

From the offset the company realized that its fundamental strengths would be investing in the training and education of its people and employees. At the moment the company has about eighty employees and 90% of them has bachelor degrees or higher. One third of the people employed have doctors or masters degrees. Company expertise ranges from clinical medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry, gene engineering, and operations management to only mention a few.

The company currently has certain patents to its name that are being introduced to the international market to compete on a global scale with the best of what the world of pharmacology and biochemistry has to offer. One of these patents worth mentioning and definitely the company’s flagship product that we are most proud of is its recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) protein stabilization dose GM-CSF gelatin. At the moment Nomad Science and

Technology ensures that our rhGH has the highest purity and are of the best quality in comparison to other competitive products on the market by applying the very best of growth hormone protein stabilization technology. The company is currently busy researching a variety of bio-pharmaceutical products and production processes to add to

our current range of products. Always striving to be the best at what we do we are looking forward to gaining

market share and taking the lead initially in the Chinese bio-gene industry and eventually holding an international

leadership position in the same fields of expertise.