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Detailed Product Description
Drostanolone Enanthate , Masteron E
Price: : USD1-15/gram
MOQ: : 10grams
Assay: : 99%
CAS: : 18102817798
Appearance: : White crystalline powder
Brand Name: : SteroidsLab
Delivery Time: : 4-6work days
Payment Terms: : Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Packaging Details: : Very discreet or as required

Oral Drostanolone Enanthate Trenbolone Steroids Masteron Enanthate

Quick Details:

Drostanolone Enanthate

Alias: Dromostanolone Enanthate

Purity : 99%,min

Molecular formula: C23H36O3

Molecular Weight: 360

Grade : Pharmaceutical Grade

Appearance : White Or Almost White Crystalline Powder

Storage: Shading, confined preservation

Manufacturer : Steroidslab

Usage : pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolic. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones. Drostanolone has been used for bodybuilding, mainly in "cutting cycles."

Product Description

Masteron, officially known as Drostanolone is a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic steroid most commonly found in a Propionate version but it is the Enanthate version we are concerned with here. Structurally Masteron-Enanthate is almost identical to Masteron-Propionate, both forms are DHT derived Drostanolone, both exist by the added 2a-methly grouping with the only difference being in the attached ester.

While both Masteron forms are very similar Masteron itself holds a bit of a unique place in the anabolic steroid world as it is one of the few originally designed for medical purpose steroids that was not designed to treat anemia or muscle wasting diseases such as aids or cancer. Masteron exist on the basis of the fight against breast cancer and once we understand the hormone this will make perfect sense. The number one enemy of breast cancer patients is estrogen and for this reason many SERM’s and AI’s are often given to breast cancer patients as they have the ability to reduce and block estrogen buildup. Masteron also possess this trait; as a DHT based anabolic steroid you will find this steroid does not aromatize and in-fact appears to have a decent anti-aromatase effect. At one point in time the combination of Masteron and Tamoxifen-Citrate was rather common place in breast cancer patients as Tamoxifen will actively block estrogen from binding at the breast receptors and Masteron actively reduce the amount in the body. However, such practice has largely fallen out of popularity as most attending physicians will prescribe aromatase inhibitors “AI’s” more frequently as they are far more powerful and can reduce estrogen dramatically.

For the performance enhancer this anti-aromatase effect is a particular interest as it will affect the other steroids in the system that do aromatize in a positive manner. As this is a strong attribute of the Masteron-Enanthate steroid, by far it is also the most significant in many ways. Masteron is an anabolic steroid with both low anabolic and androgenic properties; while mildly androgenic it does however possess stronger androgenic traits then would be expected. As we discuss the benefits of Masteron-Enanthate you’ll be able to easily see how the androgenic traits coupled with the anti-aromatase nature might benefit the performance enhancer.