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Detailed Product Description
Price: : USD1-15/gram
MOQ: : 10grams
Assay: : 99%
CAS: : 3381-88-2
Appearance: : White crystalline powder.
Brand Name: : SteroidsLab
Delivery Time: : 4-6work days
Payment Terms: : Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Packaging Details: : Very discreet or as required

Pharmaceutical Anabolic Trenbolone Steroids Methasterone CAS 3381-88-2

Quick Details:


Alias: 2,17-Dimethyldihydrotestosterone , 17-hydroxy-2,17-dimethylandrostan-3-one, Methasteron,Superdrol,17a-Methyl-Drostanolone

Purity : 97%min

CAS Registry Number: 3381-88-2

MF : C21H34O2
MW : 318.4935

Anabolic Steroid Hormones Methasterone CAS 3381-88-2 For Bodybuilding

Grade : Pharmaceutical Grade

Storage: Shading, confined preservation

Manufacturer : Steroidslab

Usage : Its tumor inhibiting properties , and it is noted as being a “potent orally active anabolic agent exhibiting only weak androgenic activity


Superdrol is a powerful anabolic designer steroid originally brought to market by Designer Supplements in 2005, however due “heat” revolving the compound by the FDA the original “Superdrol” was pulled from the market, however like many other compounds, has been made available again courtesy of superdrol clones.  Below is a short listing of two high quality superdrol clones.

Competitive Edge Labs – M-Drol
iForce Nutrition – Methadrol
PHF SuperMass
Dynamics Formula – M-Stane

Both clones will be the base point for our article as they’re both arguably the most popular and common superdrol clones, between the two there are no known differences as they’re both the same active compound (2a, 17a Dimethyl Etiocholan 3-One, 17b-Ol).  They are also priced competitively, contain 10mg of active per pill and contain 90 pills respectively and since the original Superdrol is not available, going with a clone is the only option, however quality clones will produce identical results to the original superdrol.

Superdrol is perhaps the most powerful compound available on the legal market, it also happens to be one of the most toxic as well, therefore Superdrol is only for advanced users that have done several(3+) designer steroid or pro-hormone cycles in the past, users should also have several years experience of proper lifting and dieting and should ideally have a starting weight of at least 200 Lbs.  There’s also some progression that should be followed, jumping into Superdrol too early will give most users little future options as it’s essentially at the top of the designer steroid chain.

NOTE:  There are several products that are also based on the Supderdrol compound however have slight variations that may result in better/lesser gains and or a reduced/increased risk of side effects, here are a few examples of these products: iForce Dymethazine, Anabolic Innovations Cynostane and IDS Mass Tabs.

Maintaining Health

Superdrol is an oral based designer steroid that’s processed by the liver, Superdrol is also a methylated compound and thus puts additional strain on our bodies liver.  It’s been well documented that superdrol is one of the harshest compounds available on the market it will negatively impact blood pressure, lipid values, cholesterol levels and will put stress on the bodies endocrine system, there is also additional side effects (discussed shortly) that can also present themselves, however in most cases they’re typically minor and a slight inconvenience.

However with proper planning and preventative supplementation we can assist our bodies with protecting our livers, lipid values, cholesterol levels and help control adverse blood pressure effects, this may seem like a daunting task finding supplements to tackle all of these concerns, however luckily several supplement companies have been making “all-in-one” cycle protection products that work to address many of these potential side effects and subsequently an “all-in-one” product will be the basis for our on cycle support.  Therefore ANYONE running Superdrol, is required to supplement with one of the following products throughout the entire duration of the cycle.

Anabolic Innovations – Cycle Support (Powder)

Anabolic Innovations – Life Support (Capsules)

Competitive Edge Labs – Cycle Assist (Capsules)

Either of the three are suitable choices, cost should be the deciding factor or whether you prefer capsules or powder.  A general rule of thumb is to pre-load either of the products two weeks prior to beginning your cycle and continue to use throughout the entire cycle from start to finish, buy accordingly so you have enough on hand.   These products will assist your body with maintaining healthy blood pressure, prostate health, liver function and lipid profile by utilizing popular herbs such as Hawthorn Berry (BP), NAC (liver), Milk Thistle (liver), Saw Palmetto (prostate) among others.  Please follow the manufactures recommended dosage (as per bottle) as it’s the dosage known to work best.

Where as with many cycles, one of the products above would be sufficient on it’s own for cycle protection, however for Superdrol it’s recommended to take the route “better safe than sorry” and provide our bodies with additional protection by supplementing with the following.

Himalaya LiverCare (Liv.52) – Will provide strong liver protection in conjunction with an the “all-in-one” products, very affordable at under $20 for a bottle.  For Superdrol cycles 3 capsules per day is recommended, use throughout the duration of the “on” period, can use in PCT as well.
NOW Grape Seed Antioxidant – Grape Seeds have shown in many studies to provide benefits in regards to blood pressure, cholesterol levels and lipid values by limiting lipid oxidation.  For Superdrol cycle, 3 capsules per day is recommended, use throughout the duration of the “on” period, can use in PCT as well.  Under $10.

(Optional) Universal Animal Flex or NOW Joint Support – Superdrol is non-aromatizing compound therefore low estrogen levels may create joint discomfort, also due to the possible rapid strength gains on superdrol it’s recommended to supplement throughout the entire cycle with a joint support product.
We also recommend having Taurine on hand with Superdrol to control back pumps, for more information on combating other sides please read our article combating cycle sides.

Example Cycle

This is an example cycle from start to finish to give you an idea how it should look, assumes you’re using Nolvadex.  From start to finish our properly designed cycle will take approximately 10 weeks total.

Week 1-2:  Pre-load Cycle Support, Cycle Assist or Life Support @ Bottle Recommended dosages.
Week 2:  Cycle/Life Support | Superdrol 10mg
Week 3-6:  Cycle/Life Support | Superdrol 20mg
Week 7:  Cycle/Life Support | Nolvadex 30mg | PCT Assist (6 Caps).
Week 8-9:  Cycle/Life Support | Nolvadex 20mg | PCT Assist (6 Caps).
Week 10:  Cycle/Life Support | Nolvadex 10mg | PCT Assist (6 Caps).